About MPSM

MPSM Industrial and Mining Group

since 1978

Manufacturer of mineral micronized powders of talc, mica, kaolin and calcium carbonate


The MPSM Industrial and Mining Group, with over four decades of experience in mineral production, continues as a leader in the industry, striving to offer the best possible products and services in the field of minerals. Our mission lies in our commitment to unmatched quality, environmental conservation, and enhancing the social welfare of our region.


Feel The Quality Micron By Micron

Our Mission

Our group, with its illustrious history, values all customers, business partners, and team members as a precious family. We are also committed to enhancing positive bilateral relationships, continuous improvement of production and management processes, and proudly continue to innovate and lead in the mineral industry. We are grateful for your support and companionship on this journey and promise to uphold our commitments, maintain our values, and continue our joint efforts towards a bright and sustainable future.


Practical Indexes

Particle Size

Measured in mesh and microns.

Specific Gravity

The weight of a material per its volume.

Material Hardness

The resistance of materials to abrasion and pressure.


The uses of minerals in various industries.