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At present, Nasser Daraei, with his 40-year history in the field of mining, lithology and production of micronized minerals, is in charge of managing the MPSM Industrial and Mining Group.
MPSM Industrial Group with a brilliant history in the field of mining and production of micronized powders of Talc, Mica, Kaolin (up to 2500 mesh), with state-of-the-art technology, advanced machinery and employing experienced engineers, strives to provide standard and quality products and gain customers satisfaction and be accountable for their trust.

Background of MPSM

Naser Daraei, born in 1959, started his activity in 1978 with 9 years of research in mines and 5 years of activity in processing factories, gaining a lot of information and experience in recognizing stones, application of minerals in industries and type of consumption, as well as in the field of exploration and the exploitation of minerals. He officially started his activity in Khorasan region in Goshmir Gonabad , considering the consumer market, he set up his first mineral processing factory called Zanjan powder in Lia Qazvin industrial town and after that, the Western Micronized factory in Hamedan, where the main work of this factory was on processing minerals such as Talc, Dolomite, Feldspar, Mica, Carbonate, etc., these materials in various industries of porcelain, tiles, ceramics, refractory bricks, as filler materials (Filler), coolers, rubber, paint, cosmetics, oil wells and… have many applications. In those years, he owned many mines, including the Mica mine in Khoy, the bentonite mine in Zanjan, the industrial soil mine in Damavand, and the Feldspar mine in Mashhad. He continued his activity since 2014 as a holding of MPSM GROUP, which includes Gharb Micronized Companies, Hamedan Arai Powder, Sepid Koban Pasargad, Malvak Mine and Koushk Mine. Mr. Nasser Daraei traveled to Germany in 2014 to participate in the Marke-Oriented Innovation Management Workshop and succeeded in obtaining a Certificate from UNIVERSTIY LEIPZIG. He has repeatedly been offered a teaching degree in mining engineering at Sharif University of Technology, but has been forced to reject applications due to his busy schedule.

A collection of this company honors

Top producer from the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare (2014)

Top National and Provincial Producer (2014)

Top Exporter (2012-2013)

Top operator of industries and mines (1391,1392,1393,1394)

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